Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nearing the finish line...

(well for this class anyway...)

Week 6 of Fall 2 classes wrapped up today. Week 8 is in sight, which means I really need to be working on my time management. Statistics has a big project due at the end of the class, and while there are intermediate deadlines along the way, it is easy to put it off until the end of each week. I don't want to let myself get behind.

Now that I am back to taking one class at a time, I've find myself getting a little lazy. Time management is really important for online classes, and when I was so busy, I was better at watching that everything got done ahead of time- now it's more like "right on time".

In addition to the large research project, we also have problem sets that carry across multiple weeks- yet another thing to procrastinate on! As Christmas gets closer and my schedule gets busier, I don't have the time to put things off (like this blog, usually I post earlier in the week!)

Does anyone have time management tips? I tend to use lists, and they work for me, but what isn't working right now is motivation. I have 2 sessions left, so I guess this is kind of what it feels like when you hit senior year in high school or undergrad. Just ready to be finished! It is really amazing how fast the program has gone- I did double up on some terms, but my Master's will be finished in well under 2 years!

I don't think I'm nearly as close to the real finish line as I'd like to think!

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